Twin Flames – Through Duality to Oneness

We all know that the Moon is a source/symbol of the feminine energy. If you have already read our previous blog post you already know that the moon is just a reflection of Earth. This gives us the answer of something that we have forgotten with time and it is that the true source of feminine energy is Mother Earth. The moon is just reflecting a particle of this energy. Rituals like charging water, crystals and other objects in the moon light could be done even more successfully with the direct energy of the Earth.
The most healing prana is related with the Divine Feminine and this is what exactly Earth is giving us. On the other hand, the Divine Masculine is as equally important because when merging together the two of them achieve God state expressed as Oneness. The main source on Earth of Divine Masculine energy is the Sun. The Earth and the Sun merge somewhere in the space in between which we are a part of too. This is why you will hear in most spiritual sources speaking about the Oneness as “We are all One”.

People had this knowledge from ancient times and you can see it expressed in many symbols which made their way until today. The trinity is a perfect example for the expression of Oneness. At the base of the triangle with equal sides are the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine which connect and merge into God state at the top. The whole world we live in not just in the third dimesional reality but all over the Universe, is based on this principle – achieving Oneness though duality. This is why it is said that we live in a dualistic place here on Earth. The truth is that it is given to us to learn from it, accept it and see beyond what is visible for the eyes. We are highly evolved beings and we have the powers to achieve God state as we carry its sparkle.

The Divine Feminine is always within us located at the base of the spine where the root chakra is. It is also known as the Kundalini energy. Again, it is located at the beginning of our chakra system the closest to Earth which is the ultimate source of Divine Feminine and healing prana for all of us. It is said that the Kundalini energy is dormant and it gets activated only with some people. In rare cases, people are born with activated Kundalini. This is actually becoming a more often trait amongst the generation of new born children. Once activated the Kundalini energy will start to move upwards the spine until it reaches the crown chakra. Once it reaches the crown of the head it literary comes out of there and merges with the Divine Masculine. And, hence, we reach Oneness. There is no set timeline how long this process will continue. It can even take a lifetime and not get completed till the end.

Literary, everything that happens in this world has its spiritual expression. The duality is expressed in multi dimensional ways and sometimes it is difficult to perceive it. This is where the four elements come – earth, fire, water and air. Earth is already pretty obvious what it is. Fire is the Sun. However, water and air are exactly where earth and fire meet. If we situate them all on a cross earth is at the bottom, fire on the top, water is on the left and air is on the right. This is one of the meaning and symbolic of the ancient cross which was intentionally changed later on when Christianity appeared. This is when the bottom part of the cross was extended putting a prevalance on the material (earth). In its truthful way of being, the cross is equal from each side and it moves from up to down, from down to up, from left to right, from right to left and, also, it is able to rotate clockwise and anti clockwise. This movement in each direction is the ultimate expression of everything and the nothingness. We are nowhere and everywhere at the same time. This exact rotation is encoded in the symbol of the swastika which Hitler took and reversed so that the rythm of rotation can be retorted. The truth is that this is not possible because no matter which direction circumstances are changed to they will always lead to the same result. Like they say ‘All roads lead to Rome’.

Twin flames are perhaps the strongest expression of duality into Oneness concept here on Earth. When God Source created us, they gave us the free will. Mirroring how things work in the Universe, we took the same concept and transferred it to Earth as a main tool of spiritual growth. We split the soul into two parts. When twin flames meet on Earth again the process of uniting into Oneness is instantly activated. The Kundalini energy of both is awakened and both Kundalinis start merging through the chakras of both parts of the couple. My Kundalini was completely awakened with the birth of André and his was already active when he arrived. But even though both energies were awake they were not as active until we physically met. This is when the true process of uniting started.
On my very first meditation I already saw the two of us in our first incarnation on Earth in Egypt. We were levitating and merged on energy level. The picture looked similar to the yin and yang image and there were white pillars around us with a very distinctive pattern. The design was of two curved snakes which merge at the top of the head and the end of the tail. The merging in these points was expressed as beautiful flowers. In fact, when the two same chakras of the twin flames unite it looks very much like a flower. The chakras reach their true potential at that stage fully open and glowing beautifully. I have already mentioned before that André and I are at the throat charka right now which according to the Angelic essences will be the most difficult one for us (it is). The whole merging process is closely related to the dying of each individual ego and is very painful in the human perception at times. However, once each set of chakras is fully merged the journey becomes lighter and lighter. Every time after such a cleanse we both send gratitude to the Universe for this unique experience.
It is very common that the two parts of the twin flame couple will be opposing elements. We do not have a true research about this but it is a sensation guided by the intuition because it also makes perfect sense in the concept of ‘through Universal duality to Oneness’. And so a couple would be a combination of either fire and earth astrological signs or water and air. André and I are air and water and we both chose earth signs in which our moon is so that there is true grounding and Divine Feminine healing to guide us through the process of merging. Everything has been carefully chosen before we entered in this lifetime. And sharing with you, so that you can easier reach to this state together with your twin flame, is one of our earthly missions.
Understanding the basis of twin flames gives us a broader perspective on the idea of a twin flame union. We see many beings who are driven by the urge of finding a romatic relationship and they expect this to happen with their twin flame. The truth is that this union is a hard journey to go through and it has nothing to do with being romantic (even though as all other humans we have such moments too). Do not expect to experience things as with any other relationship you had before. Being with your twin flame is like jumping in a hurricane and coming out of it stonger, kinder and more beautiful. What is the union like in our personal experience so far I will share with you next time. The most important always to remember is to stay focused on the Love and be always in Love. Namaste Divine Being of Love!

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