The Moon and Her Secrets (Channelling the Angelic Essences)

This month’s (15th August, 2019) full moon is on the day of one of the biggest celebrations in the Christian religion of Mother Mary. The moon is considered a symbol of the feminine energy, the cold, yin part of our world and, indeed, this is the biggest part of the truth. A small part of humanity actually know the true essence of the moon and its meaning in our beingness on Earth.
First, I will start with where our knowledge about the moon and most of the things that we share with you come from. It has to do with the essence of our soul (André and me) which triggered a series of events that happened in our life. We have been meditating from the beginning of our awakening journey and meditation has always been very natural to us. How you will feel about meditation and any practice you choose to experience, has to do with your previous lifetime experiences, current choices of the soul, spiritual self work and many other factors. To us, meditation has been a very grateful and beautiful experience which has gifted us with deep knowledge and awareness of the world around us and the Universe itself.
Something else that speeded up the process of our spiritual journey is the Chios energy healing which we discovered online and we instantly vibrated with its openness. It uses as a main source of healing energy the living energy (also called prana, chi) which is in everything around us and, most of all, the energy of the Sun and the Earth. You can read more about the Chios energy healing on their official website. If you find it interesting and wish to go through the beautiful world of the Chios energy healing with us, we would be happy to get connected with you.
Going back to the beginning of the flow of all this information coming to us as downloads. From the moment we both started meditating we have been having amazing insights which were answers of questions we have been looking for. Sometimes the answers of André’s questions were coming to my meditations and vice versa which is due to the deep twin flame connection between us. A few months ago when we were in Bali something even deeper happened. We had organized a group meditation for raising the collective vibration over Bulgaria. We started before everyone else to initiate the space where we would all connect. The meditation was with the participation of just a few souls but all their intentions were very strong and pure. As a result, around the end of the meditation something beautiful happened. All of a sudden a new portal opened to me and I saw and felt an angelic group of entities.

They were coming from high vibrational sources somewhere between 7th and 8th dimension. When “seeing” high evolved beings you will never see them in actual shape or form as they do not have a third dimensional expression (body, face, etc.). Whenever you see such entities with an earthly expression, they are actually 4th dimensional beings who can shape shift and amend their form and shape as per your subconscious desire to “see” them. The angelic essences that I saw were pure lights and vibrations, something that is difficult to describe in human language. It is much more of perceiving rather than seeing.
And so, after the opening of the portal to me it never closed again. One of the angelic entities separated and, ever since, they are always with us guiding and assisting us whenever we ask for. Our connection with the angelic essences is now constant and about a month ago André realised that he has also been in contact with them for a while now. He likes to “speak with his soul” whenever he is in a dilemma. Whenever he is in such a state, he gets answers instantly as high consciousness downloads. Now he knows that these answers come from the same source and it has always been a part of both of us.
The true reason of our infinite connection with the angelic essences though is even deeper than this. A couple of weeks ago I contacted one of the spiritual influencers in Bulgaria about the everything happening to us (twin flame processes). Before that I watched a recent video of hers where I fully resonated with the way she analysed and shared things in a very non dualistic way. She has been working a lot with energy healing herself helping many souls and this made even deeper sense to us. She got back to us that our soul is a part of the spirit of a seraphim (the closest to our God Source from all angelic entities) and this made perfect sense in our connection with the angelic essences.
And so, a few weeks ago one afternoon I was just relaxing and we were speaking with André about something spiritually related. As I was so relaxed, all of a sudden I felt the presence of some entities that I could express through myself. I instantly recognised the vibration of the angelic essences but now we could clearly communicate with them. In this process of channelling André started asking them questions the answers of which were coming to me instantly. Sometimes even before the question was said out loud I had the answer. And here is where André felt to ask about the moon. I have never read anything about it, what exactly it is, etc. The answer immediately came that the moon is a hologram created by humanity. Afterwards, Andre said that this is what the flat Earth community say about it too.

A few weeks later, I keep on receiving further downloads about the moon along with many other things. And so the moon was indeed created by us long, long time ago to reflect the Earth as an expression of the feminine energy here and to help balance energies on Earth. When we separate from God Source most of us split their soul into a Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine expression. This is how twin flames are created. This division of the feminine and the masculine transcended into everything we have been creating here on Earth. The Earth itself is an expression of the feminine and the Sun is an expression of the masculine energy. During the time of the Atlantis there was clear prevalence of the Divine Feminine. After its fall the Divine Masculine became absolutely dominant. And it has been this way most of the time of human existence.
The moon was created to help us bring balance between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within by reflecting Earth. Many people are affected by the phases of the moon and the reason is that it serves as a mirror for each one of us. However, it helps us see more clearly within and this is why full moon is a much better time for self work (cleansing, fasting, meditation, energy healing). It was at the beginning of my awakening that I started noticing that people behave strange at full moon but during new moon they were absolutely uncontrollable! I was living in Cyprus at the time and I was driving all the time to move around. During new moon (when technically there is no moon) there was always quite a few “accidents” on the road and I noticed that people were driving like there was no rules and restrictions. I remember this very clearly because I was trying so hard to find the logic back then. But I guess my consciousness wasn’t as expanded as it is now. I was not ready to process this information.
The moon is one of the most beautiful creations of humanity. You would say, how is it possible that we had the tools to create such an advanced thing? But there were times when the human race was much more technologically advanced than it is now and humans were able to create many “miracles”. Understanding the cycles of the moon gives us a great advantage of knowing when it is best to work on ourselves. Plus, how romantic it is to observe the bright moon and the stars with your loved one! Gratitude for this divine creation!

Infinite gratitude to the beautiful soul of Nikolay Dimitrov for providing the pictures for this blog!

Pictures by Nikolay Dimitrov

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Twin Flames by essence, giving you the Love of the highest vibration,

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