Sungazing For Opening The Third Eye

“Do you perceive that the same Sun which is rising for you is setting down for someone else right at the same moment? In fact, the black is white and the white is black in another perspective and they do not exist as they are a reflection of nothingness. The colours in the middle make me smile. “
Petya Love

Sungazing is something that me and André both starting experiencing at the same time even though not physically together yet. We were both in a process of opening the third eye and we were experimenting with many different practices to achieve faster and better results. Little we knew at the time that sungazing would bring us much more benefits that this. It was an exciting time of realising the amazing power of the Sun and the miracles it can do with our beings. We literary can use just sungazing and raw plant based diet for activating the pineal gland and maintaining a healthy living in all its aspects! The Sun is our main source of energy (prana or chi) here on Earth. It is actually much more than that. It is our main spiritual drive to keep us move forward and expand our essence.
With time we realised that sungazing is very easy and fun to practice. And, moreover, it directly affects the third eye and helps the process of its cleansing. This technique is, in fact, very ancient and it consists of gazing at the Sun during the early hours of sunrise or the late hours of sunset. Initially, we are supposed to start with just 20 seconds a day and increase each day with 10-20 seconds more. This process continues until we reach a total of 44 minutes of sungazing at once. To be honest, we started with more than that from the beginning (naughty us). But it is important to observe and not overdo your being. Doing it for too long may hurt your eyes so start slowly and then go with your flow. I remember these moments of bliss when I was sungazing while driving to work early in the morning (it so happened that the highway was facing the sunrise) and at sunset from my apartment balcony when I was living in Cyprus. Many times we would arrange a time and do sungazing together with André. And when I first visited him in Corsica this was one of our most favourite rituals at sunset. It makes all feel very magical and almost surreal.

It is said that when we reach 44 minutes we are fully charged. Afterwards, we are supposed to focus on earthing of 20-40 minutes a day walking barefoot. This can take almost a whole year or even longer depending on your pace of daily increase of sungazing time. But if we are not to follow any rules I would advise you to go with your intuition. We are not practicing sungazing any more on a regular basis but only when we feel the need for it. The best thing about sungazing is that there is no need of special preparation beforehand. It just takes an instant to decide and go for it.
At the beginning when you start you may be surprised how much your body will absorb from (t)his divine energy. I remember we started practicing during a very hot summer. One would think that when it is so hot, sungazing will be the last thing the body will crave for. Surprisingly, it came very much into its place in the whole awakening process. Through sungazing we don’t just charge our physical bodies with sunlight. The process is much deeper from a spiritual perspective. It has to do with providing us with prana which is the true energy that supports our existence on Earth. It is proven (mostly by people’s experience through time) that sungazing helps decrease appetite (great for an additional weight loss practice). This “side effect” comes because of the fact the food is a source of prana (living energy). When we sungaze we take a good part of the prana we need directly from the Sun. As a result, we do not feel the need to eat as much as we are used to.
On the practical side, sungazing influences directly the calcification of the pineal gland by helping take off this layer faster and more efficiently. By entering through our physical eyes the sun light is directly focused on the three very important glands located in the head _ the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus. Moreover, it assists in expanding the heart chakra which is ultimately our goal in the journey of spiritual awakening. It creates the infinite sensation of joy coming from inside of us as it helps connect with our inner source of Love.
Our top two tips for best experience during sungazing – always sungaze with a smile on your face and, whenever possible, do it in nature with bare feet. The connection with Earth through the feet during sungazing is great for grounding which is so important for balancing all chakras and the overall energy field. Many beings skip the step of grounding but, according to our experience, it is absolutely essential. When we are focused too much on the grounding it is like causing acidosis to the body indeed. But when we focus entirely on the spiritual is the same like over alkalizing your body (alkalosis) which is not supreme either. Balance is always the focus and we truly believe in it.
Connecting with nature is always a beautiful gift we can give to ourselves. The Sun is in the centre of all cycles that take place on Earth. By connecting with it we actually connect with the infinite Source of energy coming from the Universe. It is the main portal to it.

Sungazing will provide you with much more benefits rather than just helping to open the third eye and expanding the heart. It will help you sleep better, satisfy your craving for nature, especially if you don’t have the chance to be there often, boost your Vitamin D intake, strengthen your immune system and generally make you stronger. Stronger to resist anything coming from outside. In our view, sungazing is just another type of meditation in its own way. It keeps the mind calm and takes the self in the present moment of now.
Another way to compliment sungazing is by drinking sun charged water. Water is a unique living organism and it instantly absorbs the vibration around. It is enough to pour some water in a glass jar and keep it in direct sun for at least 2 hours. See through or blue glass are best to use. In this way we don’t just structure the water (make it alive again) but infuse it with the vibration of the Sun. Use this water as your regular drinking water. Anything touching the throat instantly sends signals to the entire body through the thyroid gland. Which means that the vibration of the Sun gets spread all over your body by just drinking sun charged water.
Sungazing is just one of the techniques we experienced with great results for opening the third eye. Of course, there are many more out there and they all have their benefits. We have also tried meditation for the third eye (here is also music with special frequencies created exactly for this process), eating alkaline plant based diet, using fluoride free products, earthing, taking borax and others. We will most definitely tell you all we have learnt about each one of them in another blog.
Start from today. The Sun will smile to you. Let it rise in your heart!

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