Signs That You Have Met Your TWIN FLAME (Personal Experience)

Today we are dedicated to the second half of our social media name – Twin Flames. We are sure that you have probably already read a few other articles or watched some videos related to the topic. This term has become so popular that lots of confusion has built up and people find it difficult to determine whether they have met their Twin Flame or not. The truth is that this is not essential since we all (at least the majority) have a Twin Flame out there. Whether our Twin Flame is here on Earth at the same time with us or not is, we are infinitely connected just like we are connected with the Divine Source.
There is something special happening though when Twin Flames physically unite. And since this is a very extended topic, we will share our insights on it in a few other posts. Right now let’s focus on the so common queston which is interesting to many of you – How to recognise my true Twin Flame? In this post we will share our observations coming from our own experiences and those who have connected with us, and focus on a little bit closer perspective of the topic. This doesn’t mean that you may not experience things differently but generally this information can be used as a lead for the majority of us. We have recently met Twin Flame couples with even the same life situations like us!
If you interested to see our full story on how we met (in case you didn’t do that yet), you can see it in a video version in YouTube here.

First of all, let us put some light on the major difference between soul mates and Twin Flames as they are usually mistaken (and this is when the questioning starts whether you have met your Twin Flame). Soul mates are separated as souls from Source at the same time. Twin Flames, on the other hand, not only originate from Source at the same time but they come from the very same particle. They are literary the two halves of the same soul. That is why Twin Flames have very different personality characteristics. Whatever you have taken, they do not possess it and vice versa. Your Twin Flame is your dark side, in terms of working on acceptance as one of the most important stages of the Twin Flame union. Most of the times it is expressed to such extremes that it is reflected in the physical. In our case, for example, I (Petya) am right handed and Andre is left handed. I am short with white skin and he is tall with darker skin. However, we have seen Twin Flame couples who physically look very much alike. It is all a choice of the soul and these choices have been very consciously made to assist the couple to recognise each other in their earthly journey. In our case André even took the facial features of me from another very important for our growth together lifetime so that I can recognise him as a Twin Flame.
At the beginning of our journey we didn’t even know what a Twin Flame was neither we were interested to know. We were simply focused on our own journey as One. Until things started to become really stressful. This is one thing which is very significant in this journey and makes it different from spending time with a soul mate. When we are with soul mates (friends, family or intimate relationships) we usually have pleasant experiences with someone alike minded. We share the same views and perception of life. With Twin Flames even though there are mutual concepts of awareness, there is usually a totally different perspective on how to achieve the same goal. This comes from the fact that you are different by essence. Or should I rather say not balanced? That’s right, differences in Twin Flames come from the points where they are not balanced. If one has developed over active ego, the other will have under active ego. And so on. The stress between Twin Flames comes from the fact that when they unite physically a process of merging of the soul is initiated through the chakras. The point of this merging is to bring balance in both halves of the whole. And until the balance is restored the process will continue. This is perhaps the major guiding light you should consider when figuring out if you have met your Twin Flame.

Like we said, even though very different Twin Flames are actually the same. And this comes from the fact that they are parts of the same soul. That’s why Twin Flames share the same awareness of consciousness. They instinctively vibrate with everything the other one shares even though they may show some unacceptance at the moment of sharing. This is a very deep aspect of the connection in between them which is difficult to be expressed in human words. But generally, you just feel that you are different, you are the same and you are one all at the same time! Complicated to others but so simple to you, right?
Something else very significant is the telepathical connection between Twin Flames. This, however, is not exclusive and is something that we experience with soul mates, earthly family memebers and other souls on Earth too. The connection with your Twin Flame, however, will be instant. You may meet this being from the other side of the world and still instantly sense that you feel him/her and hear their feelings and thoughts.
And here we come to something else very common when “seeing” your Twin Flame for the first time. Right away you feel that you know this soul. It feels like home, cosy and peaceful being with this being. We both instantly felt this way and we recognised each other in a big Facebook group for Kundalini awakening. We just knew that we can trust each other and speak of the things we were interpreted at the time.

And this is something else that is usually very common – meeting your Twin Flame around something that you are very interested in or that you both love very much. It could be a spiritual talk in which you will be almost finishing each other’s sentences, it could be a place that you love, it could be a course that you visit. Whatever it is, the passion of both of you will be big for this thing.
Twin Flames have usually chosen to come from different parts of the world or of big distances in between. Or they could have been living in the same town without knowing each other until now. So even though different there will be something common in the places they come from. For example, at the time when we discovered each other I was living in Cyprus and André in Corsica. Both are islands in the Mediterranean sea and they were not our birth places. I am originally from Bulgaria and he is from Portugal which are pretty much oppositely located on the map of Europe.
Age is something else very common as a trait in Twin Flames couples. Usually, there will be a big age difference between the two parts of the soul and very often it is expressed in the opposite way of what society promotes (the female would be the “older” physical form of the One). There are many Twin Flame couples who are of the same sex too. All this we have consciously chosen as one of the common missions we came with – acceptance of differences and growing as One collectively. Perhaps many of you could not accept the rules and orders of society since you were children.
This is why Twin Flame couples who volunteered to come together in this earthly lifetime are indigos or crystals. We have come to change the order of things (laws, regulations, perceptions, spiritual believes, etc.) and teach healing to the world through Oneness in the vibration of the Love of the Divine. Our spiritual powers will depend on how many lifetimes we have already had together and what work we managed to complete in them. But one thing is for sure – the physical union between Twin Flames is one of the most powerful form of Divine Love in its highest form experienced here on Earth. And only those who go through it can entirely perceive it with all their being. We are infinitely blessed through this beautiful journey!
The physical union between Twin Flames is indeed an exceptional process. It most definitely cannot be compared to just “keeping in contact” from distance with your Twin Flame. As we experienced both (for two years we were just chatting and speaking from distance) we can confirm that the true process of union between the two parts of the soul started when we physically united. This is a moment of true bliss in this beautiful journey. Here you can see our very first picture together when I visited André in Corsica for the first time.

Looking in the eyes of your Twin Flame feels like looking in the mirror, seeing your own expression in a different form. It feels like reaching the state of nirvana and complete wholeness, finding the missing piece of yourself that you have been looking for your entire life.
The longer the connection becomes the more beautiful the journey is even though it has its low moments. However, the high ones become so strong and you just know that you cannot experience any of this with any other soul anywhere else in the Universe. Your intuition works better for your Twin Flame and his/her intuition works better for you. You are One in all its expressions of awareness. We are Love.

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Twin Flames by essence, giving you the Love of the highest vibration,

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