How Food Affects Emotional Blockages

Since we started as Love and Simple Sugars let’s talk about food and how it is important for our existence on Earth. Anything that we put in (and in contact with) our body affects our energy field. Some of the things uplift us and others have the opposite effect. How foods and other things like smoking, for example, affect us changes with the stages of awakening. And there is a very deep reason for that.

First of all, let me give some insights on the physical body itself. What exactly is the physical body? We are used to perceive it as something separate from the energy field, from our aura. But in fact, the physical body is part of our spiritual essence. Andre and me often refer to it the actual first layer of the aura which is super concentrated and dense energy. The further we go in the aura of a living being the finer the energy becomes. It can be compared to water and its states. The colder it is the harder and more dense it becomes (the most concentrated state would be ice). But the warmer it is the thinner it becomes until it turns into gas. And accordingly, it increases its volume. This is exactly how the physical body and the aura should be perceived. The “warmer” we become (in the perception of Love) the bigger our aura becomes as it expands in volume, if we can put it that way.

And as this connection is clear now, let’s move on further in our concept. With the birth of a child starts the process of emotional attachment to the third dimensional. The first thing a child creates emotional attachment to is the food and the connection with the parents through it. This grows with time as an easy formula for emotional attachment which in some cases can go very deep if other factors appear like psychological abuse, for instance. Even as an adult everyone has foods from their childhood that they infinitely keep sweet memories for. These foods always unlock certain memories or sensations in us because we associate them with something specific which many times has nothing to do with food at all. For example, pancakes may remind you of those lovely Sunday mornings that you used to spend with your parents and siblings in harmony and the warm touch of home sensation. I relate fresh fluffy white bread with the summers we were spending in the village with my grandparents and the wonderful afternoons when my grandmother was sending us with my sister to buy bread. It was just freshly baked and until we got home half of a loaf was always gone. The time spent in the village has always been a referral to me for freedom and happiness.

Mulberry heart
Mulberry heart <3

Nowadays, food is everywhere and it has become so easily available. The consumption of food has turned into somehow a robotic act which makes us more and more dependent to the material world. This serves as a cover up to those emotional attachments that we have been creating since birth and they go deeper and deeper in the subconsciousness with time. And the subconsciousness is a very complex entity to perceive. It captures and locks things that we leave unresolved and the longer they stay there, the more difficult it makes it for us to catch and work on them afterwords. Not that it is impossible.

The process of awakening is when things start going backwards. Which means uncovering emotional attachments and letting go of them. Imagine everything as a spiral that we have been adding on to until now. All of a sudden the spiral starts to unfold and things don’t make sense anymore. The process can actually be very long and quite painful at times. Pretty much any time you are going through some kind of a pain in the process of awakening you are actually trying to let go of an emotional attachment. When we start having repeating situations in our lives they are created by our own Higher Self with the ultimate purpose of letting go of an emotional attachment. Your role in each of these situations is to identify the attachment itself and why exactly it brings in a certain emotion to the surface. I am sure you all have been going through the same scenarios over and over again. Like the way things end up in each romantic relationship that you have, for example. These are all signs from your Higher Self which tries to communicate with you in symbols, “accidents” and synchronicities. But we will discuss this deeper another time.

Emotional attachments are actually all energy blockages which do not allow you unfold your true potential. This is why it is very important to work them through and move on in our spiritual growth. If not treated on time they can express themselves as physical “diseases”. They are simply symtoms of what is happening on the spiritual level. This is why they say that there is always a spiritual reason for each disease (physical condition). They are infinitely interconnected because as we already saw, they are the same thing in a deeper aspect.

Food, on the other hand, is information. Because just like the physical body, in its deeper aspect it is very dense energy. If you have ever experienced a dry fast you really perceive what we mean. This is the state in which we do not let information enter our body through food or water and because of this, we become focused entirely on what is within ourselves – the perfect time for releasing energy attachments and blockages.

As we feed on living organisms (no matter if you chose to be just plant based or your diet includes it all), we are actually feeding on energy and other living organisms emotional blockages. Entering our physical body, sometimes these emotional blockages can eventually become our own. We all have had times when we get thoughts or behaviours which, when we look back to them, we feel like they were not our own (formed by our consciousness). And one of the reasons for that is because they came through the food we have been feeding ourselves. Any food which has been grown with the idea of material gain behind it, can have such effects on us. And it doesn’t matter if the food was grown clean and with love. The idea of material gain is the reason for the appearing of the living being (plant or animal) and this information is already encoded energetically in it. Sometimes we go to certain sellers even though their produce doesn’t look as good as others drawn by their highest intentions. This happens intuitively and it is always good to follow this sensation. But generally, the best food for us is the one grown by us for ourselves in the purest intention and highest vibration of Love.

Of course, all this spiritual information received through food or anything else can be treated so that it does (not) affect us to the minimum. Like blessing the food before we eat, cooking with the highest intention of Love can entirely transform the energy and vibration food carries. The purpose here is to understand the process so that we are aware of how food can affect us and how we get attached to certain foods. Food addiction can be easily encoded as an emotional attachment when you know how things work and it is a fact nowadays. The robotic treatment of food is serving us no benefits whatsoever. It is really important to become conscious of any information which enters our body and, especially, food as one of the most powerful tools for that. Going back to nature and remembering how to grow our own food can play a very essential role in the awakening and spiritual growth of humanity. Permaculture should definitely be considered as an important factor and way of being in the New Earth.

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