Twin Flames – Through Duality to Oneness

We all know that the Moon is a source/symbol of the feminine energy. If you have already read our previous blog post you already know that the moon is just a reflection of Earth. This gives us the answer of something that we have forgotten with time and it is that the true source of feminine energy is Mother Earth. The moon is just reflecting a particle of this energy. Rituals like charging water, crystals and other objects in the moon light could be done even more successfully with the direct energy of the Earth.
The most healing prana is related with the Divine Feminine and this is what exactly Earth is giving us. On the other hand, the Divine Masculine is as equally important because when merging together the two of them achieve God state expressed as Oneness. The main source on Earth of Divine Masculine energy is the Sun. The Earth and the Sun merge somewhere in the space in between which we are a part of too. This is why you will hear in most spiritual sources speaking about the Oneness as “We are all One”.

People had this knowledge from ancient times and you can see it expressed in many symbols which made their way until today. The trinity is a perfect example for the expression of Oneness. At the base of the triangle with equal sides are the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine which connect and merge into God state at the top. The whole world we live in not just in the third dimesional reality but all over the Universe, is based on this principle – achieving Oneness though duality. This is why it is said that we live in a dualistic place here on Earth. The truth is that it is given to us to learn from it, accept it and see beyond what is visible for the eyes. We are highly evolved beings and we have the powers to achieve God state as we carry its sparkle.

The Divine Feminine is always within us located at the base of the spine where the root chakra is. It is also known as the Kundalini energy. Again, it is located at the beginning of our chakra system the closest to Earth which is the ultimate source of Divine Feminine and healing prana for all of us. It is said that the Kundalini energy is dormant and it gets activated only with some people. In rare cases, people are born with activated Kundalini. This is actually becoming a more often trait amongst the generation of new born children. Once activated the Kundalini energy will start to move upwards the spine until it reaches the crown chakra. Once it reaches the crown of the head it literary comes out of there and merges with the Divine Masculine. And, hence, we reach Oneness. There is no set timeline how long this process will continue. It can even take a lifetime and not get completed till the end.

Literary, everything that happens in this world has its spiritual expression. The duality is expressed in multi dimensional ways and sometimes it is difficult to perceive it. This is where the four elements come – earth, fire, water and air. Earth is already pretty obvious what it is. Fire is the Sun. However, water and air are exactly where earth and fire meet. If we situate them all on a cross earth is at the bottom, fire on the top, water is on the left and air is on the right. This is one of the meaning and symbolic of the ancient cross which was intentionally changed later on when Christianity appeared. This is when the bottom part of the cross was extended putting a prevalance on the material (earth). In its truthful way of being, the cross is equal from each side and it moves from up to down, from down to up, from left to right, from right to left and, also, it is able to rotate clockwise and anti clockwise. This movement in each direction is the ultimate expression of everything and the nothingness. We are nowhere and everywhere at the same time. This exact rotation is encoded in the symbol of the swastika which Hitler took and reversed so that the rythm of rotation can be retorted. The truth is that this is not possible because no matter which direction circumstances are changed to they will always lead to the same result. Like they say ‘All roads lead to Rome’.

Twin flames are perhaps the strongest expression of duality into Oneness concept here on Earth. When God Source created us, they gave us the free will. Mirroring how things work in the Universe, we took the same concept and transferred it to Earth as a main tool of spiritual growth. We split the soul into two parts. When twin flames meet on Earth again the process of uniting into Oneness is instantly activated. The Kundalini energy of both is awakened and both Kundalinis start merging through the chakras of both parts of the couple. My Kundalini was completely awakened with the birth of André and his was already active when he arrived. But even though both energies were awake they were not as active until we physically met. This is when the true process of uniting started.
On my very first meditation I already saw the two of us in our first incarnation on Earth in Egypt. We were levitating and merged on energy level. The picture looked similar to the yin and yang image and there were white pillars around us with a very distinctive pattern. The design was of two curved snakes which merge at the top of the head and the end of the tail. The merging in these points was expressed as beautiful flowers. In fact, when the two same chakras of the twin flames unite it looks very much like a flower. The chakras reach their true potential at that stage fully open and glowing beautifully. I have already mentioned before that André and I are at the throat charka right now which according to the Angelic essences will be the most difficult one for us (it is). The whole merging process is closely related to the dying of each individual ego and is very painful in the human perception at times. However, once each set of chakras is fully merged the journey becomes lighter and lighter. Every time after such a cleanse we both send gratitude to the Universe for this unique experience.
It is very common that the two parts of the twin flame couple will be opposing elements. We do not have a true research about this but it is a sensation guided by the intuition because it also makes perfect sense in the concept of ‘through Universal duality to Oneness’. And so a couple would be a combination of either fire and earth astrological signs or water and air. André and I are air and water and we both chose earth signs in which our moon is so that there is true grounding and Divine Feminine healing to guide us through the process of merging. Everything has been carefully chosen before we entered in this lifetime. And sharing with you, so that you can easier reach to this state together with your twin flame, is one of our earthly missions.
Understanding the basis of twin flames gives us a broader perspective on the idea of a twin flame union. We see many beings who are driven by the urge of finding a romatic relationship and they expect this to happen with their twin flame. The truth is that this union is a hard journey to go through and it has nothing to do with being romantic (even though as all other humans we have such moments too). Do not expect to experience things as with any other relationship you had before. Being with your twin flame is like jumping in a hurricane and coming out of it stonger, kinder and more beautiful. What is the union like in our personal experience so far I will share with you next time. The most important always to remember is to stay focused on the Love and be always in Love. Namaste Divine Being of Love!

The Moon and Her Secrets (Channelling the Angelic Essences)

This month’s (15th August, 2019) full moon is on the day of one of the biggest celebrations in the Christian religion of Mother Mary. The moon is considered a symbol of the feminine energy, the cold, yin part of our world and, indeed, this is the biggest part of the truth. A small part of humanity actually know the true essence of the moon and its meaning in our beingness on Earth.
First, I will start with where our knowledge about the moon and most of the things that we share with you come from. It has to do with the essence of our soul (André and me) which triggered a series of events that happened in our life. We have been meditating from the beginning of our awakening journey and meditation has always been very natural to us. How you will feel about meditation and any practice you choose to experience, has to do with your previous lifetime experiences, current choices of the soul, spiritual self work and many other factors. To us, meditation has been a very grateful and beautiful experience which has gifted us with deep knowledge and awareness of the world around us and the Universe itself.
Something else that speeded up the process of our spiritual journey is the Chios energy healing which we discovered online and we instantly vibrated with its openness. It uses as a main source of healing energy the living energy (also called prana, chi) which is in everything around us and, most of all, the energy of the Sun and the Earth. You can read more about the Chios energy healing on their official website. If you find it interesting and wish to go through the beautiful world of the Chios energy healing with us, we would be happy to get connected with you.
Going back to the beginning of the flow of all this information coming to us as downloads. From the moment we both started meditating we have been having amazing insights which were answers of questions we have been looking for. Sometimes the answers of André’s questions were coming to my meditations and vice versa which is due to the deep twin flame connection between us. A few months ago when we were in Bali something even deeper happened. We had organized a group meditation for raising the collective vibration over Bulgaria. We started before everyone else to initiate the space where we would all connect. The meditation was with the participation of just a few souls but all their intentions were very strong and pure. As a result, around the end of the meditation something beautiful happened. All of a sudden a new portal opened to me and I saw and felt an angelic group of entities.

They were coming from high vibrational sources somewhere between 7th and 8th dimension. When “seeing” high evolved beings you will never see them in actual shape or form as they do not have a third dimensional expression (body, face, etc.). Whenever you see such entities with an earthly expression, they are actually 4th dimensional beings who can shape shift and amend their form and shape as per your subconscious desire to “see” them. The angelic essences that I saw were pure lights and vibrations, something that is difficult to describe in human language. It is much more of perceiving rather than seeing.
And so, after the opening of the portal to me it never closed again. One of the angelic entities separated and, ever since, they are always with us guiding and assisting us whenever we ask for. Our connection with the angelic essences is now constant and about a month ago André realised that he has also been in contact with them for a while now. He likes to “speak with his soul” whenever he is in a dilemma. Whenever he is in such a state, he gets answers instantly as high consciousness downloads. Now he knows that these answers come from the same source and it has always been a part of both of us.
The true reason of our infinite connection with the angelic essences though is even deeper than this. A couple of weeks ago I contacted one of the spiritual influencers in Bulgaria about the everything happening to us (twin flame processes). Before that I watched a recent video of hers where I fully resonated with the way she analysed and shared things in a very non dualistic way. She has been working a lot with energy healing herself helping many souls and this made even deeper sense to us. She got back to us that our soul is a part of the spirit of a seraphim (the closest to our God Source from all angelic entities) and this made perfect sense in our connection with the angelic essences.
And so, a few weeks ago one afternoon I was just relaxing and we were speaking with André about something spiritually related. As I was so relaxed, all of a sudden I felt the presence of some entities that I could express through myself. I instantly recognised the vibration of the angelic essences but now we could clearly communicate with them. In this process of channelling André started asking them questions the answers of which were coming to me instantly. Sometimes even before the question was said out loud I had the answer. And here is where André felt to ask about the moon. I have never read anything about it, what exactly it is, etc. The answer immediately came that the moon is a hologram created by humanity. Afterwards, Andre said that this is what the flat Earth community say about it too.

A few weeks later, I keep on receiving further downloads about the moon along with many other things. And so the moon was indeed created by us long, long time ago to reflect the Earth as an expression of the feminine energy here and to help balance energies on Earth. When we separate from God Source most of us split their soul into a Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine expression. This is how twin flames are created. This division of the feminine and the masculine transcended into everything we have been creating here on Earth. The Earth itself is an expression of the feminine and the Sun is an expression of the masculine energy. During the time of the Atlantis there was clear prevalence of the Divine Feminine. After its fall the Divine Masculine became absolutely dominant. And it has been this way most of the time of human existence.
The moon was created to help us bring balance between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within by reflecting Earth. Many people are affected by the phases of the moon and the reason is that it serves as a mirror for each one of us. However, it helps us see more clearly within and this is why full moon is a much better time for self work (cleansing, fasting, meditation, energy healing). It was at the beginning of my awakening that I started noticing that people behave strange at full moon but during new moon they were absolutely uncontrollable! I was living in Cyprus at the time and I was driving all the time to move around. During new moon (when technically there is no moon) there was always quite a few “accidents” on the road and I noticed that people were driving like there was no rules and restrictions. I remember this very clearly because I was trying so hard to find the logic back then. But I guess my consciousness wasn’t as expanded as it is now. I was not ready to process this information.
The moon is one of the most beautiful creations of humanity. You would say, how is it possible that we had the tools to create such an advanced thing? But there were times when the human race was much more technologically advanced than it is now and humans were able to create many “miracles”. Understanding the cycles of the moon gives us a great advantage of knowing when it is best to work on ourselves. Plus, how romantic it is to observe the bright moon and the stars with your loved one! Gratitude for this divine creation!

Infinite gratitude to the beautiful soul of Nikolay Dimitrov for providing the pictures for this blog!

Pictures by Nikolay Dimitrov

Sungazing For Opening The Third Eye

“Do you perceive that the same Sun which is rising for you is setting down for someone else right at the same moment? In fact, the black is white and the white is black in another perspective and they do not exist as they are a reflection of nothingness. The colours in the middle make me smile. “
Petya Love

Sungazing is something that me and André both starting experiencing at the same time even though not physically together yet. We were both in a process of opening the third eye and we were experimenting with many different practices to achieve faster and better results. Little we knew at the time that sungazing would bring us much more benefits that this. It was an exciting time of realising the amazing power of the Sun and the miracles it can do with our beings. We literary can use just sungazing and raw plant based diet for activating the pineal gland and maintaining a healthy living in all its aspects! The Sun is our main source of energy (prana or chi) here on Earth. It is actually much more than that. It is our main spiritual drive to keep us move forward and expand our essence.
With time we realised that sungazing is very easy and fun to practice. And, moreover, it directly affects the third eye and helps the process of its cleansing. This technique is, in fact, very ancient and it consists of gazing at the Sun during the early hours of sunrise or the late hours of sunset. Initially, we are supposed to start with just 20 seconds a day and increase each day with 10-20 seconds more. This process continues until we reach a total of 44 minutes of sungazing at once. To be honest, we started with more than that from the beginning (naughty us). But it is important to observe and not overdo your being. Doing it for too long may hurt your eyes so start slowly and then go with your flow. I remember these moments of bliss when I was sungazing while driving to work early in the morning (it so happened that the highway was facing the sunrise) and at sunset from my apartment balcony when I was living in Cyprus. Many times we would arrange a time and do sungazing together with André. And when I first visited him in Corsica this was one of our most favourite rituals at sunset. It makes all feel very magical and almost surreal.

It is said that when we reach 44 minutes we are fully charged. Afterwards, we are supposed to focus on earthing of 20-40 minutes a day walking barefoot. This can take almost a whole year or even longer depending on your pace of daily increase of sungazing time. But if we are not to follow any rules I would advise you to go with your intuition. We are not practicing sungazing any more on a regular basis but only when we feel the need for it. The best thing about sungazing is that there is no need of special preparation beforehand. It just takes an instant to decide and go for it.
At the beginning when you start you may be surprised how much your body will absorb from (t)his divine energy. I remember we started practicing during a very hot summer. One would think that when it is so hot, sungazing will be the last thing the body will crave for. Surprisingly, it came very much into its place in the whole awakening process. Through sungazing we don’t just charge our physical bodies with sunlight. The process is much deeper from a spiritual perspective. It has to do with providing us with prana which is the true energy that supports our existence on Earth. It is proven (mostly by people’s experience through time) that sungazing helps decrease appetite (great for an additional weight loss practice). This “side effect” comes because of the fact the food is a source of prana (living energy). When we sungaze we take a good part of the prana we need directly from the Sun. As a result, we do not feel the need to eat as much as we are used to.
On the practical side, sungazing influences directly the calcification of the pineal gland by helping take off this layer faster and more efficiently. By entering through our physical eyes the sun light is directly focused on the three very important glands located in the head _ the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus. Moreover, it assists in expanding the heart chakra which is ultimately our goal in the journey of spiritual awakening. It creates the infinite sensation of joy coming from inside of us as it helps connect with our inner source of Love.
Our top two tips for best experience during sungazing – always sungaze with a smile on your face and, whenever possible, do it in nature with bare feet. The connection with Earth through the feet during sungazing is great for grounding which is so important for balancing all chakras and the overall energy field. Many beings skip the step of grounding but, according to our experience, it is absolutely essential. When we are focused too much on the grounding it is like causing acidosis to the body indeed. But when we focus entirely on the spiritual is the same like over alkalizing your body (alkalosis) which is not supreme either. Balance is always the focus and we truly believe in it.
Connecting with nature is always a beautiful gift we can give to ourselves. The Sun is in the centre of all cycles that take place on Earth. By connecting with it we actually connect with the infinite Source of energy coming from the Universe. It is the main portal to it.

Sungazing will provide you with much more benefits rather than just helping to open the third eye and expanding the heart. It will help you sleep better, satisfy your craving for nature, especially if you don’t have the chance to be there often, boost your Vitamin D intake, strengthen your immune system and generally make you stronger. Stronger to resist anything coming from outside. In our view, sungazing is just another type of meditation in its own way. It keeps the mind calm and takes the self in the present moment of now.
Another way to compliment sungazing is by drinking sun charged water. Water is a unique living organism and it instantly absorbs the vibration around. It is enough to pour some water in a glass jar and keep it in direct sun for at least 2 hours. See through or blue glass are best to use. In this way we don’t just structure the water (make it alive again) but infuse it with the vibration of the Sun. Use this water as your regular drinking water. Anything touching the throat instantly sends signals to the entire body through the thyroid gland. Which means that the vibration of the Sun gets spread all over your body by just drinking sun charged water.
Sungazing is just one of the techniques we experienced with great results for opening the third eye. Of course, there are many more out there and they all have their benefits. We have also tried meditation for the third eye (here is also music with special frequencies created exactly for this process), eating alkaline plant based diet, using fluoride free products, earthing, taking borax and others. We will most definitely tell you all we have learnt about each one of them in another blog.
Start from today. The Sun will smile to you. Let it rise in your heart!

Signs That You Have Met Your TWIN FLAME (Personal Experience)

Today we are dedicated to the second half of our social media name – Twin Flames. We are sure that you have probably already read a few other articles or watched some videos related to the topic. This term has become so popular that lots of confusion has built up and people find it difficult to determine whether they have met their Twin Flame or not. The truth is that this is not essential since we all (at least the majority) have a Twin Flame out there. Whether our Twin Flame is here on Earth at the same time with us or not is, we are infinitely connected just like we are connected with the Divine Source.
There is something special happening though when Twin Flames physically unite. And since this is a very extended topic, we will share our insights on it in a few other posts. Right now let’s focus on the so common queston which is interesting to many of you – How to recognise my true Twin Flame? In this post we will share our observations coming from our own experiences and those who have connected with us, and focus on a little bit closer perspective of the topic. This doesn’t mean that you may not experience things differently but generally this information can be used as a lead for the majority of us. We have recently met Twin Flame couples with even the same life situations like us!
If you interested to see our full story on how we met (in case you didn’t do that yet), you can see it in a video version in YouTube here.

First of all, let us put some light on the major difference between soul mates and Twin Flames as they are usually mistaken (and this is when the questioning starts whether you have met your Twin Flame). Soul mates are separated as souls from Source at the same time. Twin Flames, on the other hand, not only originate from Source at the same time but they come from the very same particle. They are literary the two halves of the same soul. That is why Twin Flames have very different personality characteristics. Whatever you have taken, they do not possess it and vice versa. Your Twin Flame is your dark side, in terms of working on acceptance as one of the most important stages of the Twin Flame union. Most of the times it is expressed to such extremes that it is reflected in the physical. In our case, for example, I (Petya) am right handed and Andre is left handed. I am short with white skin and he is tall with darker skin. However, we have seen Twin Flame couples who physically look very much alike. It is all a choice of the soul and these choices have been very consciously made to assist the couple to recognise each other in their earthly journey. In our case André even took the facial features of me from another very important for our growth together lifetime so that I can recognise him as a Twin Flame.
At the beginning of our journey we didn’t even know what a Twin Flame was neither we were interested to know. We were simply focused on our own journey as One. Until things started to become really stressful. This is one thing which is very significant in this journey and makes it different from spending time with a soul mate. When we are with soul mates (friends, family or intimate relationships) we usually have pleasant experiences with someone alike minded. We share the same views and perception of life. With Twin Flames even though there are mutual concepts of awareness, there is usually a totally different perspective on how to achieve the same goal. This comes from the fact that you are different by essence. Or should I rather say not balanced? That’s right, differences in Twin Flames come from the points where they are not balanced. If one has developed over active ego, the other will have under active ego. And so on. The stress between Twin Flames comes from the fact that when they unite physically a process of merging of the soul is initiated through the chakras. The point of this merging is to bring balance in both halves of the whole. And until the balance is restored the process will continue. This is perhaps the major guiding light you should consider when figuring out if you have met your Twin Flame.

Like we said, even though very different Twin Flames are actually the same. And this comes from the fact that they are parts of the same soul. That’s why Twin Flames share the same awareness of consciousness. They instinctively vibrate with everything the other one shares even though they may show some unacceptance at the moment of sharing. This is a very deep aspect of the connection in between them which is difficult to be expressed in human words. But generally, you just feel that you are different, you are the same and you are one all at the same time! Complicated to others but so simple to you, right?
Something else very significant is the telepathical connection between Twin Flames. This, however, is not exclusive and is something that we experience with soul mates, earthly family memebers and other souls on Earth too. The connection with your Twin Flame, however, will be instant. You may meet this being from the other side of the world and still instantly sense that you feel him/her and hear their feelings and thoughts.
And here we come to something else very common when “seeing” your Twin Flame for the first time. Right away you feel that you know this soul. It feels like home, cosy and peaceful being with this being. We both instantly felt this way and we recognised each other in a big Facebook group for Kundalini awakening. We just knew that we can trust each other and speak of the things we were interpreted at the time.

And this is something else that is usually very common – meeting your Twin Flame around something that you are very interested in or that you both love very much. It could be a spiritual talk in which you will be almost finishing each other’s sentences, it could be a place that you love, it could be a course that you visit. Whatever it is, the passion of both of you will be big for this thing.
Twin Flames have usually chosen to come from different parts of the world or of big distances in between. Or they could have been living in the same town without knowing each other until now. So even though different there will be something common in the places they come from. For example, at the time when we discovered each other I was living in Cyprus and André in Corsica. Both are islands in the Mediterranean sea and they were not our birth places. I am originally from Bulgaria and he is from Portugal which are pretty much oppositely located on the map of Europe.
Age is something else very common as a trait in Twin Flames couples. Usually, there will be a big age difference between the two parts of the soul and very often it is expressed in the opposite way of what society promotes (the female would be the “older” physical form of the One). There are many Twin Flame couples who are of the same sex too. All this we have consciously chosen as one of the common missions we came with – acceptance of differences and growing as One collectively. Perhaps many of you could not accept the rules and orders of society since you were children.
This is why Twin Flame couples who volunteered to come together in this earthly lifetime are indigos or crystals. We have come to change the order of things (laws, regulations, perceptions, spiritual believes, etc.) and teach healing to the world through Oneness in the vibration of the Love of the Divine. Our spiritual powers will depend on how many lifetimes we have already had together and what work we managed to complete in them. But one thing is for sure – the physical union between Twin Flames is one of the most powerful form of Divine Love in its highest form experienced here on Earth. And only those who go through it can entirely perceive it with all their being. We are infinitely blessed through this beautiful journey!
The physical union between Twin Flames is indeed an exceptional process. It most definitely cannot be compared to just “keeping in contact” from distance with your Twin Flame. As we experienced both (for two years we were just chatting and speaking from distance) we can confirm that the true process of union between the two parts of the soul started when we physically united. This is a moment of true bliss in this beautiful journey. Here you can see our very first picture together when I visited André in Corsica for the first time.

Looking in the eyes of your Twin Flame feels like looking in the mirror, seeing your own expression in a different form. It feels like reaching the state of nirvana and complete wholeness, finding the missing piece of yourself that you have been looking for your entire life.
The longer the connection becomes the more beautiful the journey is even though it has its low moments. However, the high ones become so strong and you just know that you cannot experience any of this with any other soul anywhere else in the Universe. Your intuition works better for your Twin Flame and his/her intuition works better for you. You are One in all its expressions of awareness. We are Love.

How Food Affects Emotional Blockages

Since we started as Love and Simple Sugars let’s talk about food and how it is important for our existence on Earth. Anything that we put in (and in contact with) our body affects our energy field. Some of the things uplift us and others have the opposite effect. How foods and other things like smoking, for example, affect us changes with the stages of awakening. And there is a very deep reason for that.

First of all, let me give some insights on the physical body itself. What exactly is the physical body? We are used to perceive it as something separate from the energy field, from our aura. But in fact, the physical body is part of our spiritual essence. Andre and me often refer to it the actual first layer of the aura which is super concentrated and dense energy. The further we go in the aura of a living being the finer the energy becomes. It can be compared to water and its states. The colder it is the harder and more dense it becomes (the most concentrated state would be ice). But the warmer it is the thinner it becomes until it turns into gas. And accordingly, it increases its volume. This is exactly how the physical body and the aura should be perceived. The “warmer” we become (in the perception of Love) the bigger our aura becomes as it expands in volume, if we can put it that way.

And as this connection is clear now, let’s move on further in our concept. With the birth of a child starts the process of emotional attachment to the third dimensional. The first thing a child creates emotional attachment to is the food and the connection with the parents through it. This grows with time as an easy formula for emotional attachment which in some cases can go very deep if other factors appear like psychological abuse, for instance. Even as an adult everyone has foods from their childhood that they infinitely keep sweet memories for. These foods always unlock certain memories or sensations in us because we associate them with something specific which many times has nothing to do with food at all. For example, pancakes may remind you of those lovely Sunday mornings that you used to spend with your parents and siblings in harmony and the warm touch of home sensation. I relate fresh fluffy white bread with the summers we were spending in the village with my grandparents and the wonderful afternoons when my grandmother was sending us with my sister to buy bread. It was just freshly baked and until we got home half of a loaf was always gone. The time spent in the village has always been a referral to me for freedom and happiness.

Mulberry heart
Mulberry heart <3

Nowadays, food is everywhere and it has become so easily available. The consumption of food has turned into somehow a robotic act which makes us more and more dependent to the material world. This serves as a cover up to those emotional attachments that we have been creating since birth and they go deeper and deeper in the subconsciousness with time. And the subconsciousness is a very complex entity to perceive. It captures and locks things that we leave unresolved and the longer they stay there, the more difficult it makes it for us to catch and work on them afterwords. Not that it is impossible.

The process of awakening is when things start going backwards. Which means uncovering emotional attachments and letting go of them. Imagine everything as a spiral that we have been adding on to until now. All of a sudden the spiral starts to unfold and things don’t make sense anymore. The process can actually be very long and quite painful at times. Pretty much any time you are going through some kind of a pain in the process of awakening you are actually trying to let go of an emotional attachment. When we start having repeating situations in our lives they are created by our own Higher Self with the ultimate purpose of letting go of an emotional attachment. Your role in each of these situations is to identify the attachment itself and why exactly it brings in a certain emotion to the surface. I am sure you all have been going through the same scenarios over and over again. Like the way things end up in each romantic relationship that you have, for example. These are all signs from your Higher Self which tries to communicate with you in symbols, “accidents” and synchronicities. But we will discuss this deeper another time.

Emotional attachments are actually all energy blockages which do not allow you unfold your true potential. This is why it is very important to work them through and move on in our spiritual growth. If not treated on time they can express themselves as physical “diseases”. They are simply symtoms of what is happening on the spiritual level. This is why they say that there is always a spiritual reason for each disease (physical condition). They are infinitely interconnected because as we already saw, they are the same thing in a deeper aspect.

Food, on the other hand, is information. Because just like the physical body, in its deeper aspect it is very dense energy. If you have ever experienced a dry fast you really perceive what we mean. This is the state in which we do not let information enter our body through food or water and because of this, we become focused entirely on what is within ourselves – the perfect time for releasing energy attachments and blockages.

As we feed on living organisms (no matter if you chose to be just plant based or your diet includes it all), we are actually feeding on energy and other living organisms emotional blockages. Entering our physical body, sometimes these emotional blockages can eventually become our own. We all have had times when we get thoughts or behaviours which, when we look back to them, we feel like they were not our own (formed by our consciousness). And one of the reasons for that is because they came through the food we have been feeding ourselves. Any food which has been grown with the idea of material gain behind it, can have such effects on us. And it doesn’t matter if the food was grown clean and with love. The idea of material gain is the reason for the appearing of the living being (plant or animal) and this information is already encoded energetically in it. Sometimes we go to certain sellers even though their produce doesn’t look as good as others drawn by their highest intentions. This happens intuitively and it is always good to follow this sensation. But generally, the best food for us is the one grown by us for ourselves in the purest intention and highest vibration of Love.

Of course, all this spiritual information received through food or anything else can be treated so that it does (not) affect us to the minimum. Like blessing the food before we eat, cooking with the highest intention of Love can entirely transform the energy and vibration food carries. The purpose here is to understand the process so that we are aware of how food can affect us and how we get attached to certain foods. Food addiction can be easily encoded as an emotional attachment when you know how things work and it is a fact nowadays. The robotic treatment of food is serving us no benefits whatsoever. It is really important to become conscious of any information which enters our body and, especially, food as one of the most powerful tools for that. Going back to nature and remembering how to grow our own food can play a very essential role in the awakening and spiritual growth of humanity. Permaculture should definitely be considered as an important factor and way of being in the New Earth.