Twin Flames – Through Duality to Oneness

We all know that the Moon is a source/symbol of the feminine energy. If you have already read our previous blog post you already know that the moon is just a reflection of Earth. This gives us the answer of something that we have forgotten with time and it is that the true source of […]

The Moon and Her Secrets (Channelling the Angelic Essences)

This month’s (15th August, 2019) full moon is on the day of one of the biggest celebrations in the Christian religion of Mother Mary. The moon is considered a symbol of the feminine energy, the cold, yin part of our world and, indeed, this is the biggest part of the truth. A small part of […]

Sungazing For Opening The Third Eye

“Do you perceive that the same Sun which is rising for you is setting down for someone else right at the same moment? In fact, the black is white and the white is black in another perspective and they do not exist as they are a reflection of nothingness. The colours in the middle make […]

Signs That You Have Met Your TWIN FLAME (Personal Experience)

Today we are dedicated to the second half of our social media name – Twin Flames. We are sure that you have probably already read a few other articles or watched some videos related to the topic. This term has become so popular that lots of confusion has built up and people find it difficult […]

How Food Affects Emotional Blockages

Since we started as Love and Simple Sugars let’s talk about food and how it is important for our existence on Earth. Anything that we put in (and in contact with) our body affects our energy field. Some of the things uplift us and others have the opposite effect. How foods and other things like […]